Create and Authenticate

Normal flow

  • A client sends an name, e-mail and password.
  • The service receives and validates the data. The name must be not empty, the e-mail must be unique and the format must be valid and, the password must be bigger than eight characters.
  • The service encrypts the password and generates an identifier (hash) for the new user.
  • The service creates the new user in the data repository.
  • The service returns some user’s data.

Alternative flow

  • If the user already exists, the service just return a a JSON with the user and a signed JWT.

HTTP(S) endpoints

  • /api/users/createAuthenticate
    • HTTP method: POST
    • Consumes: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    • Produces: application/json
    • Examples:

    • Example of request:

         curl -X 'POST' \
              'http://localhost:8080/api/users/createAuthenticate' \
              -H 'accept: application/json' \
              -H 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
              -d 'name=Orion&'
    • Example of response: User in JSON and signed Token.

              "user": {
                  "hash": "7eba8ef2-426b-446a-9f05-4ab67e71383d",
                  "name": "Orion",
                  "email": "",
                  "emailValid": false
              "token": "eyJhbGciOiJSU0EtT0FFUCIsImVuYyI6IkEyNTZHQ00ifQ.UOLgr6fR0xoNj8gcLeQ1HssaCoPRvXRptzPoVMbd5VpTe-_OEy_BA04dRHRcY-jID4TEVUfSmWINhs5iLLtbp6SYZcqKH0vuFFiQ491UsjVzpy9QDGoWxJLeO4XytJnjnjVSPJ3G9mhANhWr2ylgh0Wnv3wQkFdEobSd9ysrnkKq1bF5OBP3olJyogfDtXGRul150ICYbS3KrZ5OBBMmqgah6vW0I1IO8Kz4uJ9LmfTbZbtHoVJqHwMY9ypVMF_MRKaTJ1lisZOE6F21cOjwcnBGGddQlw5jOstS_sZmixyxvE19GnhjmHlWHoXfwGgZ_TY_oeE1aBUcXi_fYifxWg.qp0YEBMzxjRBALxE.8YmjHAuyWbGbH6pqi4xJgqJ3Gu9kA9kYkwHCdqkczXBdn7YGRAE_78yQOyZMhmRX1X0yWv-R0i___Yv9BXNasbr44I_vvoL7VDPCxm2ln3lSnQwKdOA7xkJMUtyJDjXlnT0vw2LkNS1GvfkkaBXx_x5h8jANXWV5ne1PLr307XQQquPNd8If4rLgiEwjdYyK4Lhz3NffIOl380mRAmZCDH_zLJBVTmFvL0F6rcfUcd5tdhfe28DALr3rPMGahbr5KT9d0So9OoUhIU7XdSA_nkIh4GFx_A.Xqa0vqD_bM2HGN1aTR2QpQ"


In the use case layer, exceptions related with arguments will be IllegalArgumentException. However, in the RESTful Web Service layer will be transformed to Bad Request (HTTP 400).

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